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Daniel P

Daniel P

24th January 2024

Driving lessons taken in Chislehurst

Passed with Karen

"I chose Dean Wyatt Driving School  because my mum had heard about them and thought they would be a good for me. Learning to drive was different to how I expected as I always felt in control of the pace of lessons etc. The teaching methods used were brilliant as they were made more comfortable for me, being taught in a way that I understood more about driving. I would definitely recommend you to others, however most of my friends don't live local to Petts Wood/ Orpington, so may not be possible. All in all, all was perfect."

Congratulations to Daniel P who passed his practical driving test today 24th January 2024 FIRST TIME with only 3 driving faults. Daniel did a lot of his training with Dean before Dean took over the automatic side of the business, so big congratulations and thanks to Dean for his contribution. Daniel and I worked on all aspects of driving, but in particular the main thing for me to work on was Daniel’s observations and awareness at junctions, particularly looking left at roundabouts and when emerging left. Once I explained the safety issues again to Daniel and gained agreement from him that it was very important for safe driving, we were able to work on this together to resolve it. Thanks also to Daniel’s Mum who went out on private practice with him. Congratulations again Daniel from your Driving Instructor Karen (and Dean) and all of the Dean Wyatt Driving School team.

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