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Dylan S

Dylan S

19th December 2023

Driving lessons taken in Bromley

Passed with Karen

"I chose Dean Wyatt Driving School as it was recommended to me by others who have used the driving school in the past. Learning to drive was more challenging than I expected at first, but the teaching methods that the instructors used made it a lot easier with different teaching methods explored to find out what suited me best. Everything was explained in depth and any questions answered. I’d recommend Dean Wyatt Driving School to anyone who might find driving challenging or apprehensive to start learning to drive. Dean and Karen were both reassuring, and Karen helped me work on my pretest nerves before taking my practical test. The app is a massive plus as you can keep up to date with each week's lesson and plan what to work on in the next lesson. Dean helped me get most of the practical learning covered, with Karen going through anything that might have needed a polish, or anything she thought might need to be explored in further depth to allow me to take my test and become a better and safer driver. Both instructors were professional. Karen helped me go through different ways of booking tests and shared a diagram of Crittalls Corner roundabout to enable me to understand this. Thanks to all for the help and support which resulted in a great outcome of passing the first time with zero faults!"

Congratulations to Dylan S who passed his practical driving test on 19th December 2023 FIRST TIME with ZERO driving faults! Dylan came to me when Dean took on the Automatic pupils for the driving school. Dylan has been very capable for quite some time, but he felt that he wanted some additional lessons just to be sure and put his test off a couple of times, but what an amazing result it was today! Confidence was all that was getting in Dylan’s way, but he got his nerves in check. Well done from your Driving Instructor Karen, also from Dean who did a lot of the coaching with Dylan, and the rest of the Dean Wyatt Driving School team.

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