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Elliot L

Elliot L

30th January 2019

Driving lessons taken in Petts Wood

Passed with Dean

"I heard about Dean Wyatt from a family friend and they recommended him to me. I found learning to drive a bit harder than I expected. Dean's teaching methods were good. He was strict but fair, and was always putting the safety on the road first. I would recommend Dean to others as I think he is flexible and can adjust to everyone’s style of learning, whilst also getting through the syllabus as quickly as possible for each person. There’s not really anything I can think of that could have been done better."

A big well done to Elliott L who passed his practical driving test FIRST TIME today 30th January 2019 with just 3 driving faults. Elliott has been a pleasure to teach and picked things up very quickly. We were worried the overnight snow was going to scupper his test, but an hour or two of pre test sun did it's job in melting most of it away. Congratulations again Elliott and I wish you all the best for the future including your interesting career plan in medicine. Best wishes from your Driving Instructor Dean Wyatt at Dean Wyatt Driving School.

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