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Ellis B

Ellis B

23rd March 2023

Driving lessons taken in Hayes

Passed with Karen

"I chose Dean Wyatt Driving School because my mum knows Dean and saw his cars driving about, so when the time came for me to start we thought it would be a great option. When it came to learning to drive, I knew what to expect as I've always been into cars so knew what it would be like and what I had to do. My instructors' teaching methods worked well for me as most of the learning came from physical driving as that's where I felt I would learn more than being talked through any situations. I would recommend you to my friends as it's a great way to start off your driving, as they have friendly instructors who have great teaching methods. I wouldn't change anything about my learning experience."

Congratulations to Ellis B who passed his practical driving test on 23rd March 2023 at the 2nd attempt with just 5 driving faults in his own car. Snow in December caused his first test booking to be cancelled causing big delays for him. Ellis began his lessons with quite a natural ability to drive the car from a mechanical point of view. Teaching Ellis awareness and planning, looking ahead to anticipate hazards early and working on meeting situations in particular, to be a safe driver, along with observations during reversing manoeuvres, were my main jobs. Well done again from your Driving Instructor Karen and all of the Dean Wyatt Driving School team.

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