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Euan B

Euan B

16th June 2022

Driving lessons taken in Sidcup

Passed with Karen

"I originally chose Dean Wyatt Driving School as my Mum had heard that they were a local company who had a high pass rate and were reasonably priced for the quality that they provide. Learning to drive has been an amazing experience, and Karen has made it an enjoyable experience. Her teaching methods were brilliant, especially her advice for turning points on manoeuvres. They helped me a tremendous amount when practicing in my own car. I would recommend Dean Wyatt Driving School to all of my friends based on the experience I have had with them as I passed my test quickly and enjoyed learning every step of the way. There was nothing I could say that could have been done better as Karen helped me every step of the way and even helped settle my nerves before my test. Thank you for everything and especially Karen for being an amazing instructor and helping me pass!"

Huge congratulations to Euan B for passing his practical driving test today 16th June 2022 FIRST TIME with only 3 driving faults. I found Euan to have quite a natural ability to drive, so the main thing was building his decision making to make him a good and safe driver and get him to trust his instincts. Euan did lots of private practice with his Mum and some with his Nan too, so a big thank you goes to them. Being able to set Euan particular subjects to work on in his own car in between our lessons really boosted his confidence and subsequently, Euan had some good questions to ask me when we had our next lesson that I could clarify for him. It’s been a pleasure teaching you Euan and I wish you the very best in all that you do. Congratulations again from your Driving Instructor Karen and all of the Dean Wyatt Driving School team.

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