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Gabriella T

Gabriella T

4th May 2023

Driving lessons taken in Beckenham

Refresher lessons with Peter

"After seven years of not driving due to extreme anxiety I decided it was now or never to tackle it. I looked up refresher lessons and Dean Wyatt Driving School popped up as specialising in anxious drivers. Dean’s quick and understanding response to my email really helped me take those first steps. I was extremely anxious when I started the lessons and quite frankly just expected to be told I was a terrible driver who should never be in the drivers seat! However Peter was extremely patient and understanding. We took every lesson at my own pace and it really helped me slowly build my confidence back up. I’m so pleased that I’ve been able to achieve more than I could’ve ever thought possible with Peters help and am now able to independently get to where I need to be. I think Peter is an excellent teacher, and explains things in a clear and calm way. I feel like my ability to navigate the roads and anticipate the actions of other road users has greatly improved and has given me the ability to feel like a safe and confident driver. I would without a doubt recommend Peter as a driving instructor. He continued to believe in me and encourage me even when I had some very anxious moments and doubted myself. My life has undoubtedly changed from this process and I have regained some independence I never thought I would get back, which I completely credit to Peter! Nothing that I can think of could have been done better. Thanks so much again!"

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