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Jemima N

Jemima N

23rd March 2023

Driving lessons taken in Swanley

Passed with Karen

"Dean Wyatt Driving School was highly recommended and had lots of good reviews. Learning to drive was a lot more challenging than I expected and was a lot more nerve racking. Both Dean and Karen's techniques were good and it helped to communicate when different methods weren't quite working for me. I would recommend Dean Wyatt Driving School to my friends as they were very accommodating and helped me get the best out of my lessons. I don't think anything could have been done better. Changing instructors to get a different pair of eyes on my driving really helped me reach the test standard. Thank you!"

Congratulations to Jemima N for passing her practical driving test on 23rd March 2023 FIRST TIME with only 2 driving faults. Jemima came to me with some great skills thanks to Dean Wyatt himself. What Jemima and I worked on together was good effective observations at junctions, ensuring being able to get long distance views before continuing, roundabout approaches, meeting traffic, and each of the bay parks as these were a big challenge for Jemima. You’ve worked so hard to achieve this great pass attending a few extra lessons to ensure you were safe on the road, and you kept those nerves of yours in check too! I couldn’t be happier. Well done from your Driving Instructor Karen, and all of the Dean Wyatt Driving School team.

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