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Kay P

Kay P

5th July 2023

Driving lessons taken in Swanley

Passed with Karen

"I chose Dean Wyatt Driving School because a neighbour recommended them to us with such lavish praise, that it seemed silly to look anywhere else! I didn’t expect learning to drive to feel so empowering - it’s exciting learning a new skill that brings so much freedom with it. But I also didn’t realise how exhausting I’d find it. I hit a few plateaus while I was learning and after two or three weeks of that I’d feel very frustrated and burnt out. Karen and I were really well suited! I’m an analytical thinker and I really appreciated the detail she went into about how the car worked or why it was important to approach a manoeuvre in a certain way. She was also really supportive and helped me see that I was more capable than I gave myself credit for. I would recommend you to others as it was easy to sign up as a prospective student, it didn’t take long to start my lessons, and I’ve had a great experience learning. Nothing could have been done better - everything was great! In particular I wanted to flag how great your communication was when Karen had to take a few weeks off last year. As a student, I was grateful to get clear and regular updates about what was happening, and as an adult in the workforce, I was glad to see Dean taking on those communications so that Karen could focus on her family whilst she needed to."

Huge congratulations to Kay P for passing her practical driving test today 5th July 2023 FIRST TIME with only 4 driving faults. Kay was very competent with her driving and learning all the required new skills right from the beginning. Her biggest challenge was self belief and confidence, which did cause the journey to success to be a longer one than I initially anticipated. However, we worked hard on this to get Kay to become a safe driver and bring this fabulous result on the day! Well done Kay, you have worked so hard, from your Driving Instructor Karen and all of the Dean Wyatt Driving School team.

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