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Luke E

Luke E

29th November 2021

Driving lessons taken in Petts Wood

Passed with Dean

"I chose Dean Wyatt Driving School as Dean had been recommended to me from various friends who had nothing but a wealth of positive feedback about not only his ability to teach but also his ability to listen to and understand his pupils and how they like to learn. It’s safe to say that I was not disappointed!
Learning to drive felt like taking the basic skills we learn as children: observing, coordinating and most importantly critical thinking, and then leveling them all up. It surprised me that driving was not simply mechanical; changing gears and using pedals, but was more psychological. This was a challenge at first however with help from Dean it was a joy to exercise my brain to learn to assess difficult situations, to anticipate and to even have the ability to fix other road users' mistakes. This process although daunting is truly fulfilling and exciting giving you transferable skills for the rest of your life, this was an unexpected but great outcome.
Dean's methods of teaching were completely tailor made for me. From my very first lesson he asked me about how I liked to learn and asked for honest feedback on his teaching. Too fast, he’ll slow down. Too slow, he’ll pick up the pace. This made me feel incredibly comfortable in getting in the car and progressing as there was no pressure. Answers and facts are not simply spoon fed to you, questions are open and get you thinking like a driver, imparting that ability to anticipate that only years of experience can grant. Dean's methods made me feel that I was achieving and doing things for myself as opposed to simply being a puppet behind the wheel.
I would absolutely recommend DWDS to friends family and frankly anyone wanting to learn to drive, particularly if you fit these criteria: You want lessons that are made just for your learning style and at your own pace, You want a teacher who gets you thinking, You want to feel safe and comfortable to ask questions, make jokes and have fun, You want a teacher who cares not only about passes, but about your enjoyment and safety after you're unleashed on the roads. Simply put if you want an amazing teacher then you want Dean.
Could I have done anything better? No way!"

A huge well done to Luke E for passing his practical driving test FIRST TIME today 29th November 2021 with ZERO driving faults. Luke came to me after his Mum contacted me after working with 'Mrs DWDS' years ago! He has been an excellent pupil and has always approached every lesson with a brilliant attitude and a real will to learn. The penny dropped a couple of months ago when Luke realised that shaving just a couple of mph off of his speed here and there made driving so much easier (and safer!). It was a very frosty morning today and Luke really kept his cool to produce a faultless 'clean sheet' drive that the examiner commented was excellent. Special thanks to his parents too for hours and hours of private practice that really helped get Luke's confidence up. I'm so pleased for you and wish you all the best in the future. Best wishes from your Driving Instructor Dean Wyatt at Dean Wyatt Driving School.

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