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Matthew N

Matthew N

20th October 2022

Driving lessons taken in Swanley

Passed with Dean

"I chose Dean Wyatt Driving School because my Dad knows Dean and said he was a great guy, so suggested we get lessons with him. Driving is so much harder mentally than I expected - very tiring to have to focus on so much constantly. However, I found that I coped quite well thanks to the relaxed atmosphere while learning. I really liked the teaching. It fit around how I like to learn and pushed me when I needed to, without overwhelming me. I would definitely recommend Dean as he taught me to be a safe driver and I feel confident on the roads. I feel very comfortable behind the wheel now and I think that others can greatly benefit from that. I can't think of anything I would’ve changed from the first lesson up to the very end."

Well done to Matthew N who passed his practical driving test at the 2nd attempt today 20th October 2022 with just 2 driving faults. Matthew and his family are friends of mine, so I was pleased to be able to fit him in for lessons once he turned 17. He picked everything up very quickly and soon progressed onto busier, faster roads where his skills went up a notch again. If it wasn't for some uncharacteristic driving a couple of weeks ago, he would have passed first time, but that was down to nerves and it was great that he managed to book another test so quickly afterwards using a cancellation app. Congratulations again and I look forward to our motorway lessons in a couple of weeks to help you in your commute to school and back. All the best from your Driving Instructor Dean and all the team at Dean Wyatt Driving School.

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