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Skanda R

Skanda R

21st February 2024

Driving lessons taken in Orpington

Passed with Jo

"My previous instructor, also at the Dean Wyatt Driving School, was no longer teaching, so I was put in touch with Jo. This was a fortunate turn of events because Jo was a great instructor! Learning to drive was similar to how I thought it would be. I had some previous lessons with a different instructor in Oxford so I already had a grasp of the basics. Learning with Jo took me to that next level of being ready for the test. We covered large roundabouts, dual carriageways and emergency stops, all for the first time. I found my Jo’s teaching methods really helpful. She was usually calm and relaxed, which I found helpful. She had a good technique for parallel parking and she always thought the best way to learn something was by doing! At my stage, I found this helpful because it would’ve wasted time to go through the diagrams all over again. I liked how she replicated test routes so I felt more confident and comfortable on the day of the test. I’d definitely recommend Jo and the Dean Wyatt Driving School to friends. I had a very positive experience and result, passing 1st time! Jo was also very accommodating with lesson timings and was able to work around my unpredictable work schedule when needed. I don’t think there is much that could have been done better. At times I could sense Jo’s frustration when I made a silly mistake or hadn’t listened to her carefully enough, but overall she was calm and patient. Jo was an excellent driving instructor and I would recommend her to anyone."

Congratulations to Skanda R who passed his practical driving test on 21st February 2024 FIRST TIME with just 5 driving faults. Skanda came to me with some previous driving experience, so had a good understanding of the basics. After passing the theory we got a test booked and worked on perfecting manoeuvres as well as all the skills required to consistently drive safely. Congratulations again Skanda on a very well deserved pass from your Driving Instructor Jo and all the team at Dean Wyatt Driving School.

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