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Tom G

Tom G

8th November 2023

Driving lessons taken in Sidcup

Passed with Jo

"I chose Dean Wyatt Driving School because I respected how organised Jo was when she could rearrange her schedule to fit my lesson in, and I’d seen Dean Wyatt cars in my area before. Learning to drive was similar to how I expected it to be because it was quite stressful, but I found it enjoyable and did not expect to actually enjoy the lessons. I found Jo’s teaching methods very effective and they helped me pick up techniques quickly. I would definitely recommend you to my friends due to the actual vehicle I learnt to drive in (Ford Fiesta) and how well equipped it was for a learner, and also how calm and helpful Jo was to me as an instructor. I honestly can’t think of much at all that could have been done better. I really enjoyed learning with Jo and was happy with the service."

Congratulations to Tom G who passed his practical driving test on 8th November 2023 FIRST TIME with just 6 driving faults on a wet and windy day. Tom picked up the basics well and enjoys driving, but often rushed decision making that wasn’t always favourable. Over the last couple of months we’ve worked really hard to make sure his judgment was always accurate and appropriate. Well done again Tom for a fantastic first time pass, from your Driving Instructor Jo and all the team at Dean Wyatt Driving School.

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