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Tyler B

Tyler B

4th November 2023

Driving lessons taken in Orpington

Passed with Gregg

"I chose Dean Wyatt Driving School because I was recommended by a friend who got on well with this driving school. I expected learning to drive to be a little easier than it was, and had no idea there was so much to learn about the roads - theory and practical. Being taught by Dean previously to Gregg meant I was used to a certain way of teaching. It took me a few lessons to get used to changing and I’d say Gregg gives a bit more free rein to learn in his teaching methods. I would recommend you to friends, as Gregg was able to get me to test standard and was able to distinguish what I needed to work on and give me feedback on that."

Big congratulations to Tyler B who passed his practical driving test on 4th November 2023 at FIRST TIME with just 3 driving faults. Tyler had previous driving experience when he came to me. We worked hard on parking manoeuvres, preparing for the test with plenty of mock tests, and calming of the nerves for the day and knowing what to expect. Well done from your Driving Instructor Gregg and all the team at Dean Wyatt Driving School.

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