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Will L

Will L

15th August 2023

Driving lessons taken in Orpington

Passed with Jo

"I chose Jo at Dean Wyatt Driving School because I had been told about DWDS by others previously, and when I checked the social media accounts, the service they provided looked high class. I thought learning to drive would be a much more daunting experience than it was. I noticed that once I started to practice more, my confidence increased. Jo's teaching methods were effective and reassuring. Originally, I had a lack of confidence in my driving ability but Jo consistently encouraged me to continue and consistently challenged me to keep me improving. I would recommend Jo and DWDS to friends as the service provided was reliable and efficient. I had issues with instructors at other driving schools who would turn up late/forget about lessons etc - but this was not at all the case at DWDS with Jo. Honestly, nothing could have been done better. The MyDriveTime app combined with Jo's reliability and effective teaching methods meant that I have no complaints."

Congratulations to Will L who passed his practical driving test today 15th August 2023 FIRST TIME with just 7 driving faults. Will has worked hard during the process of learning to drive. We’ve used methods to help him progress through each stage until he gained the confidence to have some private practice in addition to lessons. Recently Will has dedicated as much time as possible to his driving to ensure he was ready and confident to secure today’s test pass. Enjoy your freedom and congratulations again from your Driving Instructor Jo and all the team at Dean Wyatt Driving School.

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