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Zoe T

Zoe T

30th January 2024

Driving lessons taken in West Wickham

Passed with Dean

"I chose Dean Wyatt Driving School through word of mouth, and I also knew automatic lessons were available. Luckily, I kind of knew what to expect when learning to drive due to previous attempts. I didn't expect it to be so hard to measure my progress, stay as engaged & committed as I did. I also didn't expect it to be so different the second time around! It was really interesting having Peter as my instructor then Dean. In a way, I think it benefited me massively, offering me various approaches that I found easier to apply as I got more confident/test ready. I liked how Dean challenged 'specific' manoeuvre step-by-steps/rulebooks and got me to trust my instinct a lot more! I would absolutely recommend you to others! You never made me feel silly or particularly different when it came to my personal struggles/questions & concerns. You always had extreme patience & a non-judgemental attitude."

I couldn't be happier to announce that Zoe T passed her practical driving test FIRST TIME (with us) today 30th January 2024 with just 7 driving faults. Zoe failed a manual test many years ago with a different driving school, and soon realised that automatic would be the way to go for her. She started learning with DWDS instructor Peter who really got her to grips with all aspects of driving an automatic, including her speed control, spatial awareness, anticipation skills and manoeuvre techniques. Dean then took over and polished things up with her. Zoe will be the first to admit that she struggles with her nerves, but she kept them in check today and her examiner commented what a safe driver she is, which is great to hear. Congratulations Zoe and all the best for all those road trips with your bike rack that you can now start planning! Well done from your Driving Instructor Dean (and Peter) and the whole Dean Wyatt Driving School team.

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